September 8, 2021

My Favorite Motherhood Instagram Accounts

Help a Mama Out | Part Two

One of the things I love about social media is the fact that we now have access to so many helpful resources!  I have found a number of really helpful Instagram accounts (specifically related to being a mom) and I think you will love them too!

1. @takingcarababies

By now, you already know I’m a HUGE fan of her newborn sleep course!  Her instagram account is also extremely helpful and encouraging.  She posts tons of tips and tricks and other helpful information that I found informative and empowering as a young mom.

And she is also really good about responding to DM’s!  So if you have questions, you can ask her directly!

I would encourage you to start following ASAP! You will be so grateful to have her stuff in your feed even if you are still months away from your due date.  By the time I actually took the newborn course, I was already very familiar with a lot of her principles (because I had been following her for months) so it made it really easy to remember and implement what she was teaching.

2. @safeintheseat

Michelle talks about all things car seat safety and I am SO grateful for the information she shares!  She covers basic things like car seat installation, how to make sure your baby is properly bucked in, how to know when your baby has outgrown the infant carrier, and even explains how certain car seat accessories are actually NOT safe to use.  Keeping our little ones safe is every mama’s highest priority, so I would highly recommend following her page!

3. @feedinglittles

This is a great resource for learning about baby nutrition and starting your little one on solid foods.  They share some really helpful ideas for getting your baby to eat healthy, whole foods.  We didn’t follow their method exactly, but definitely implemented a lot of what they recommend and had a lot of success transitioning to solids.

4. @shantripp

Shannon is a mama of four and was a pediatric ER nurse for years. She shares a lot about health and safety (specifically relating to kiddos) and has an online medical course for moms!  She is so joyful and is the kind of person that makes you want to be her best friend. I have learned SO much from her and am super grateful for the information she shares.

**I would especially encourage you to check out her saved highlight called “baby choke.” It’s something nobody wants to experience, but she walks you through what to do if you ever find yourself in that scary situation.

5. @katielamb

You will also want to be Katie’s best friend! She is a photographer, twin mama, lifestyle blogger, and DIY extraordinaire who is always sharing really helpful ideas for your kids, fun home projects (with tutorials), good “mom outfit” finds, and is just a super fun person to follow. I basically want to be her when I grow up!

She’s also from Texas, so that’s a big win in my book! #texasforever


I hope you enjoy following these accounts as much as I have!  They say it takes a village, and I would argue that the statement should include instagram accounts! Haha. I definitely feel more equipped as a mama because of what I have learned from these gals!

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